UMD Department of Philosophy

UMD Department of Linguistics

Hub for the Language Science community at UMD

UMD's Project on Children's Language Learning (Lidz)

Maryland Vision Science Lab (Carlson)


Rutgers' Visual Attention lab (Pylyshyn)

Johns Hopkins' Vision & Cognition lab (Halberda)

Yale's Perception & Cognition lab (Scholl)

Harvard's Laboratory for Developmental Studies (Carey, Snedeker, Spelke, Warneken)

Rutgers' Perceptual Science IGERT program

PHLING is at the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Linguistics, at UMD
Address: PHLING, c/o A. Wellwood, 1401 Marie Mount Hall, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-8505.
Email: phling@umd.edu (contact, or to get on the listserv)

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